Watch For Obstacles Ahead…

Watch For Obstacles AheadBelieve it or not, everybody has to go through obstacles on their way to creating success for themselves.  Success is going to mean different things for everyone, but one thing is for sure!

You will have to overcome obstacles if you want to grow and create a better reality for yourself.

I like to use sports analogies a lot because I believe sports and business have a lot of similarities. So to illustrate this point I want to use Golf as an example that we can all hopefully relate with.

Playing The Same Game

So in Golf (or any sport) , everybody has the same resources… right?

Everyone who is playing the game is given the same tools with a common goal.  They all have clubs.  And they are all trying to get the little white ball in the hole.

Yes, some people have better clubs than others, but that certainly doesn’t take away from the objective of the game.

Having some really nice shoes and some top of the line clubs is not going to make you a more skilled player, they are only going to compliment the skill that you have developed through practice.

Obstacles Are Unique To The Individual/Player

Every golfer is going to run into obstacles when they are trying to develop their game.  It is a fact that every single great golfer that has ever lived has had to overcome obstacles that were in their path along the way.

They all had to overcome obstacles, but some obstacles may have been much harder for one player than they were for another.  For example one player may really struggle with putting, while another player may really struggle with driving the ball off the tee.

Then there may be a player who is great with putting and driving the ball, but they can’t handle the pressure of people watching them.  You see, there are all kinds of obstacles both mental and physical and they both effect people differently.

Overcome The Obstacle

If someone had dreams of becoming a professional golfer and they quit just because they weren’t very good at putting…. that would be insane!  It would be sad too, but at the same time you would have to agree that that golfer doesn’t deserve to share the stage with golfers who have faced their personal obstacles and overcame them.

How Does This Relate?

I was going to relate each piece of the golfing analogy to the online marketing and home based business arena, but I decided not to.  There are many ways that this could apply to what we are doing, and I think it will be much more powerful if I leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions about what it implies.

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